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Why Choose Internal Gardens?

Traditional Lineage.

What is it and why is it important?

For centuries in the meditative and martial arts, a lineage holder is one designated by a master to carry on the master’s teaching once he has passed on. Traditionally, as is the case with Shifu Loretta Wollering, the designee undergoes the ceremony of baishi. This involves taking an oath of dedication to pledge one’s life to the continuation of the master’s teachings. In return, the lineage holder receives countless hours of personal training and inherits the master’s teaching materials..


Internal Gardens Tai Chi School is a traditionally focused and professionally managed school. That means we treat you with the same exceptional care and respect with which we run our school.

Not only is the head of Internal Gardens Tai Chi School a lineage holder of tai chi, but she also has decades of teaching experience, in tai chi as well as in academia.

Real Credentials and Experience


A Personal Message to You from Shifu Loretta Wollering:

“I first started in tai chi chuan to heal up a knee injury. I then used it to cure Crohn’s disease (severe colitis), and to beat clinical depression. I believe that if you’re going to teach tai chi for transformation, pain management, stress relief or self-defense, then you’d better be a good example of what you teach!”   (Go with a teacher who holds herself to high standards.)

Read below and choose one of the 3 options

Option 1: “Silver Level” Online-Only Classes

Our Online Basic Tai Chi Classes – Priced so low, virtually anyone on the planet can take these classes.

Do you either/or:

  • Live very far away from the NJ/NY area?
  • Are extremely low on funds?
  • Have very little time?
  • Need a lot of time to learn new things?
  • Feel that you’re not sure if tai chi is for you?
  • Would like a no-risk and cancel-anytime membership?

Then you are eligible to join our online tai chi program right now.
It’s only $17 a month!

That’s about the cost of ONE fast food combo meal – and a *heck *of a lot healthier – right?  So, forget the fast food — instead, get an ENTIRE MONTH of tai chi chuan. (Yes – one of our customers laughed and called it, “An Ancient Art at an Ancient Price.”)

You will receive:

  • Video lesson links that you can watch over and over at your time and pace.
  • Emailed tips.
  • Members-only section.
  • Surprise bonus gifts.

and other engaging information.

And YES – you can upgrade anytime when you want more.
And YES – with the right approach, you CAN learn tai chi online.

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Option 2: “Gold Level” HYBRID Classes

Maybe you want more, but have a tight schedule?

Maybe you would learn tai chi best in-person, but you live far away from the physical location of Internal Gardens?

Maybe you don’t yet have enough funds or time to commit to a full, in-person, weekly tai chi experience.

Here’s YOUR solution:

Our breakthrough hybrid tai chi program!

  • Learn mostly on-line, and in-person, at your time and pace.
  • Get FREE video coaching straight from your teacher.
  • Seize the opportunity to take hands-on tai chi workshops several times a year!

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Option 3: “Diamond Level” All In-Person Classes

Our highest level of membership, only open to a few.

*Opportunities and space are limited, so apply early.*

Do you:

  • Know without a doubt that you are committed to your self-development?
  • Have a gut-feeling that tai chi is what you’ve been looking for?
  • Not want to waste anymore time or money?
  • Easily rise above the trendy “instant gratification” of the masses?
  • Like to be around positive-minded people and environments?
  • Like  individualized attention when you need it?
  • Want a holistic or natural solution for your mind/body fitness?
  • Want to make your health and wellness a priority?
  • Have no interest in big egos, and are you open-minded?
  • Tend to be introspective and don’t want a huff & puff brainless exercise regime?
  • Have a grounded interest in metaphysics/spirituality without the airy-fairy trendy new age stuff?

Then this might be your ultimate solution and you don’t even know it yet!

We would love to have you as part of the highest level of membership we offer:

  • Live, in-person immersion at our tai chi school in northern NJ.
  • Flexible class scheduling.
  • No conflict with your personal belief system or religion.
  • You would receive ALL the features as the online and hybrid memberships, with far more – more than we can list here.

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But First You MUST:

Come In for an Interview.

You would need to visit the school to see if you would harmonize with us. Though we are open to everyone, we can only accept people who are a good fit. This selective process has ensured an incredibly positive group energy in our school that is virtually impossible to find anywhere else.

Private lessons:

If you are ready for tai chi but have a very hectic schedule, or prefer very personalized attention, then you can have private lessons directly at our school in northern NJ. It is currently available at $110/hour Saturday afternoons at our location in Rockaway, or other times in Lincoln Park, NJ. If you have a small group, or family (members aged 16 and up), it would be $75 each for 2-4 people.  Shifu Wollering is also able to travel out to your location.

We invite you to contact us!

To pursue in-person classes or private lessons, please call us directly at: 973-202-9409, or Send us an Email

** We can also provide private lessons at your location, as far out as Manhattan, New York City. Private lessons at your location are available only on an extremely limited basis.

Biography of Shifu Loretta Wollering – Head of Internal Gardens Tai Chi Chuan

“Shifu” Loretta Wollering, MS is a recognized expert and master-level instructor in the field of tai chi chuan (taijiquan). She specializes in teaching tai chi with the ancient Chinese principles intact, and heads the traditional lineage of the late tai chi grandmaster, Jou Tsung Hwa.

Wollering is best known for her abilities to teach sophisticated tai chi secrets in ways that have delivered astounding results – to change people’s lives and facilitate healing where other therapies and medical treatments have failed.

She discovered how to use tai chi to cure herself of severe colitis while finishing grad school, as well as to cure a knee injury and conquer depression. While she has more than 20-years experience in teaching and using tai chi for health and inner peace, she has the rare experience of using traditional tai chi’s martial arts applications as well.

She teaches tai chi with its metaphysical, yet practical, Taoist concepts intact. But from her background in science, she brings a very logical and grounded approach to what she teaches.

Among her published works in trade magazines, media appearances and numerous awards, she is a 2008 recipient of a leadership award from the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports (Washington, DC). She is also an inductee of the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Wollering continues to pioneer promotion of tai chi by developing an online school of taichi so that anyone, anywhere, can afford to benefit from this ancient Taoist art.

She is open-minded and accepting of all people interested in tai chi, no matter what their religion, beliefs or levels of physical ability.

You can also join Shifu Wollering and her friends & students alongside new beginners as well as advanced tai chi enthusiasts and masters, at America’s biggest and friendliest tai chi gathering – Tai Chi Gala – headed by Ms. Wollering: www.TaiChiGala.com.

YES – All are welcome here.