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Tai chi exercise is powerful way to gently release knee stiffness, knee pain and injury.  But as teaching was passed on in the Chinese healing arts & martial arts, many tai chi and qigong exercises got misunderstood or lost important details.  One misconception is that you need to “loosen the knees.”  The knees are a hinge joint.  You don’t “loosen” a hinge with rotations to make it work better!  You remove the rust and oil it.  That’s what this tai chi exercise does, below.  Then when you practice your tai chi form, you’ll feel like you have a new set of knees. Everyone I’ve ever taught this exercise to has had wonderful results.  (Check with your physician first, before applying any information listed on or through this website).

Your tai chi or qigong practice should always serve you, not hurt you.  ๐Ÿ™‚