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Here Are Just a Few of the Many Internal Gardens Success Stories and Endorsements

Important Notes:
Harvard Medical School supports tai chi so strongly that it calls it: “Medication in Motion.”
In old China, tai chi was considered amongst the most spiritual of the martial arts and the most potent form of physical therapy.  Finally, in the western world, research is starting to show how helpful it is to not only the body, but also the mind.
The most up-to-date medical physicians and therapists endorse tai chi.

Internal Gardens offers top quality tai chi training under the most competent instruction, available anywhere. 

Here’s what health providers from around the world think of what we offer:

Below are the personal stories and results attained by members of Internal Gardens Tai Chi. Some folks have been enjoying our tai chi chuan (taijiquan) training for several years and others only for a short while.  Yet, everyone has realized positive results.  See for yourself: