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I no longer have colitis.  Abdominal self massage as taught to me by Master Jou Tsung Hwa (tai chi master teacher), and tai chi, along with simplifying my diet CURED me of this painful condition.  While I am making a full, in-depth video (available for sale soon) about how to use self-massage and special acupoints from Chinese medicine to treat yourself for these conditions, I quickly share the basics of a “maintenance” massage that I use every day.  See the video clip below.

I can eat everything now, and NEVER suffer the symptoms I had a long time ago.  I use no medication and avoided surgery.  This took time, but it gave me my life back.

It is my hope that this can help a lot of people.  I really feel badly for people who suffer with this, because I know the pain and depression it creates.  But hang in there and have hope.  Just take very good care of yourself. Be strong and break bad habits.  Find ways to release stress and depression too.  But honestly, give this technique I share in the vid clip a chance…

Sadly, it’s so simple what I show you in this video clip, that most people won’t stick with it to give it a chance.  It takes AT LEAST a month of doing this every morning and night, and it’s only a few minutes a day.  Kinda like the amount of effort you need to brush your teeth regularly.  So, if you can’t even give it that amount of effort, no one and nothing will probably help you.  Just DO it, and judge for yourself.  It won’t cost you a penny and there are no side effects.  Isn’t that at least worth a try?

NOTE:  The video is for educational purposes and no medical claims are made, no medical advice is given.

If this helped/helps you, please comment below, and feel free to pass it on to help others.