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Enjoy your video below. It will review the “breathing without breathing” technique from very old Daoist philosophy and how to apply it in your tai chi form.  The idea is to remove so many of the manmade rules of breathing, and just focus on the dantian compressions and expansions.  Most folks struggle with this because they subconsciously believe that breathing must have all kinds of rules in order to create more qi and bring more benefit to the body.  Read on…The truth is, you want to mentally “detach” from your inhale and exhale.  Of course you are still inhaling and exhaling!  You just don’t put any <<control>> on it.  Instead, seek to LET IT GO.  What you DO want to control (“cultivate” is actually a more accurate word than “control”) is the dantian compression and expansions while consistently re-instating “han xiong” (chest draining/relaxing) – and let the breathing take care of itself.

If you can: 1) maintain hanxiong and 2) focus on pulling inward and downward with the dantian, then relaxing, and then pushing downward and outward the front and back of the dantian — you will be on your way to amazing increases in qi, internal strength, longevity, and internal body restructuring.

This is a powerful technique.  Its simplicity is what confuses people if they get confused.  Don’t underestimate its power based on its simplicity.  This is the way of the Dao (Tao).

NOTE:  If you are not ready to do this and still find it too confusing or contrary to what you think is right – then by all means, DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT!   Just do your regular deep breathing.  It’s no problem – don’t make it one.  Enjoy and keep easy and simple in your mind.  No worries.  Peace.  Relax‚Ķ