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For centuries, tai chi has been rumored to be an exceptional “therapy” of rejuvenation, anti-aging, pain cure/relief… and its deep meditative and qigong characteristics are said to cause almost unbelievable transformation in dedicated practitioners.  Although tai chi has been shown in western medical studies to indeed increase health and bring about various wellness benefits, why is almost no one – masters and students alike – able to experience the deeply profound healing and longevity of the past?

The late tai chi master, Jou Tsung Hwa believed it was because the dantian is not being used as it was in old China. Though he found a lot of historical data and writings that hinted at its significance, it appears to be one of the typical Chinese “secrets” that were only implied in literature and mostly passed down via oral teachings.  Jou used dantian development and techniques to bring about complete reversal of stomach prolapse and rejuvenation.  He was living proof of this until his fatal accident in 1998.

Shifu Wollering was able to use these techniques herself – one of which liberated her from severe colitis and other health conditions.  Internal Gardens Tai Chi teaches dantian techniques to its students so they can get the most out of their tai chi.  Watch this video that introduces the esoteric concept of the dantian: