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No, you are not imagining it. YES, there are acupuncture charts that label points differently. This happened to me several times while teaching acupressure self-help to my tai chi NJ students. I use a textbook that is used in Chinese and in American acupuncture schools (text translated into English). But I also have laminated acupoint charts at my school that my students like to own. For the most part – about 95%, the points are identical in both sources. But that 5% is enough to make you (as a teacher), or your charts, lose credibility. Alas! There is a reason for this – and in some sense, BOTH charts are correct.

As a teacher, I believe that it’s your duty to fully learn about what you teach and find answers for your students – even if you have to spend HOURS doing so (which I often do, unbeknownst to most of my students!). I have found the acupuncture chart problem in quite a few other printed books and online charts. There seems to be 2 “main versions” out there. I’ve spent hours searching this on the internet, chatting online with other acupuncturists, and so on. Some were not even aware of this issue until I pointed it out, and the ones who were aware of this concurred that indeed, the Chinese have re-numbered the meridian points (acupoints) a few times. This is mostly due to the fact that the Chinese did not originally number any of the points – in fact – each point was known by its “nickname.”

The Bladder acupuncture meridian is quite complex. And as such, has been subject to some re-numbering. For example, a point that is excellent to use for: motivation, being able to feel joy, let go of the past, and keep you committed to your projects and focus, is a point nicknamed “Hun Men.” This translated roughly into “Gate of the Ethereal Soul.” The Taoists believe that the “soul/spirit” of a person is composed of 2 characteristics – the “divine” spiritual side (hun) and the earthly energy of the soul (po). Po can kind of be thought of as the psychic charge left behind – more related to the person’s egos, desires, etc. Sort of like the kind of energy of a haunted house or something. But we’ll save this for a later discussion, as it gets quite metaphysically complex.

This bladder meridian point – hun men – is sometimes labeled as BL-47 (which is how I learned it), but other sources list it as BL-42. Nonetheless, if you know its nickname and location, it doesn’t matter what “number” you assign it. Just know that it’s located 3 cun (body inches) lateral to the inferior aspect of the spinous process of the T9 vertebra.

HERE is the best post I found about the inconsistencies of acupoint numbering:

Continue to scroll down their post to see more comments from people about this renumbering of acupoints.

And as I implied before, don’t get all hung up on the “correct number.” Just get the nickname of the point, learn how to locate it, and learn what it can be used for.  After all, that’s the whole point of the acupoints!

If *you* have any other sources or info on this, PLEASE comment! I would love to present more clarification of this topic!