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What is meant by the phrase, “All tai chi chuan (taijiquan) is to be done as a Torso Method?”

The old masters of the traditional Chinese internal arts – such as tai chi chuan (taijiquan, baguazhang, xingyiquan, etc) mentioned the crucial skill of using the body as a whole unit.  Not only does this give maximum power and special skills for martial application, but for dramatically transforming the health of the body, it is an absolute MUST.

While all tai chi is health-bestowing for the mind and body, understanding torso method can rev up the healing and rejuvenative benefits several hundreds of times over!  Yet, most people don’t understand how important “whole body” method is, or what it even means.  And because it takes time, impatient people give up all too easily before realizing its treasure.

So just hang in there, and keep mindful with your practice.  You are growing a garden, not a sandcastle on the beach.  One of the best “fertilizers” for your tai chi progress is to understand the importance of torso method and seek to do it in every movement.  That simultaneous cultivation of your mind and every part of your body at every instance makes tai chi one of the truly “most holistic” practices on the planet.  And yes, it also makes it a (fun) challenge to learn.  In later posts, we’ll more deeply examine HOW to do torso method.  Enjoy!