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Few practitioners nowadays abide by the Tai Chi Classics – the founding principles of the art of tai chi chuan (taijiquan).  One such principle is the first of WuYuXiang’s “13 Torso Methods” of traditional taijiquan.  It is the principle of “han xiong.”

Hanxiong is necessary for developing peng energy (buoyant structure) and sung (removal of unnecessary tension).  But did you know that it also facilitates proper meridian flow along the two main acupuncture meridians up and down the centerline of your body?  These meridians are called the governing and conception vessels.  Hanxiong helps the qi energy return down the front conception vessel, so the qi can circulate and transform.

And… Did you know that hanxiong removes/treats anxiety energy naturally?  It also prevents qi deviation during intensive meditation or qigong practice.

I’ve made a video to help you understand it a little better: