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Tai Chi Principles and Power

If you want powerful effects, you need to drive your tai chi from special principles. Learn what they are and how to make them work.

Tai Chi Form and Techniques

Here you find details and greater explanation.

Specific Physical & Mental Health Issues

Address specific problems with tai chi, qigong, daoyin, acupoints, massage, TCM, etc.

Internal Energy Training (Nei Gong)

The qigong, meditation, daoyin, and other Taoist jibengong you can use to develop yourself.

Taoist Philosophy and Metaphysics

…and you can make them fit your unique belief systems. From science to woowoo – all welcome!

Recipes and

Taoist, and traditional Chinese recipes; including regular, vegan, and gluten-free. World-fusion and unique ones included too.

Tai Chi Farm and GM Jou, Tsung Hwa

For everyone, as well as specific to Sf. Loretta Wollering.

Shifu’s Misc. Treasure Chest

Miscellaneous projects and personal musings are welcome for you to enjoy too.

“How to” Tai Chi or Qigong Clearing – The Overlooked Physical and Metaphysical Aspects

Tai chi exercises or qigong are often concluded with a "clearing" move by many masters.  Most people think of it as a way of calming down and sealing the energy.  Also, it gives a sense of closure. But there is SO much more you can get out of a clearing if you know...

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How to Add More Whole-Body Power to Your Tai Chi Opening Posture – Yang Tai Chi Example

Your tai chi is like garden soil - the more balanced nutrients it contains, the more nourishing will be your harvest. So learn ways to "power up" your tai chi so that you can get all the good health, wisdom, qi and self-defense (both physical and "psychic") training...

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How to Do a Tai Chi Twine Step – Too Many Get This Wrong. Do it right and get health & martial benefits.

Are you sure you're doing your tai chi moves as best as possible?  Proper twine steps will load a tremendous amount of energy into your kua.  You can use that energy for effortless and speedy change of direction, invigorating and powerful tai chi kicks, or just absorb...

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Master Jou’s Secret of Tai Chi Flexibility – Multiple Health & Rejuvenation Benefits

Grandmaster Jou was famous for his uncanny youthfulness at an advanced age and after conquering a history of illness.  Here we go over his special daoyin taiji diagram stretch that he only taught in his chan si jin workshop.  This stretch works very fast to increase...

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Oriental Culture Has Has the Concept of Qi, Chi Or Ki Energy for Thousands of Years- But What Is Qi?

Qi is a concept unique to the East Perhaps the first time the masses of the western world got a thorough exposure to this concept was in the movie “Star Wars,” in which it was referred to as “The Force.” It’s an elusive, though not too difficult concept. If you are...

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Master Jou’s 3 Taoist Rules for Making Progress in Tai Chi (or anything else for that matter!)

Master Jou taught mentioned three Taoist rules of success that helped him develop an incredible life, despite having survived a brutal war and experiencing the resulting deaths of family and friends. He lost everything he had in his homeland China in World War II. He...

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