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Tai Chi Principles and Power

Wearing Glasses or Bifocals Can Mess Up Your Tai Chi – Here’s How to Turn it Around and Make Progress Instead!

Think that a good pair of eyeglasses helps you learn tai chi better? Guess again! You may be surprised to know that simple things - like wearing bifocals or trifocals - can train your body and energy to cause more harm than good! Find out how you may actually improve...

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How to Add More Whole-Body Power to Your Tai Chi Opening Posture – Yang Tai Chi Example

Your tai chi is like garden soil - the more balanced nutrients it contains, the more nourishing will be your harvest. So learn ways to "power up" your tai chi so that you can get all the good health, wisdom, qi and self-defense (both physical and "psychic") training...

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What is the Silk Reeling Energy of Tai Chi (Taijiquan), or Chan Si Jing?

The traditional schools of tai chi chuan (taijiquan), along with the other Chinese internal arts, emphasize the development of "silk reeling energy," or "chansijing," in Chinese. The oldest documented and codified style of tai chi chuan known to man is Chen style....

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