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Qi “energy” development

“How to” Tai Chi or Qigong Clearing – The Overlooked Physical and Metaphysical Aspects

Tai chi exercises or qigong are often concluded with a "clearing" move by many masters.  Most people think of it as a way of calming down and sealing the energy.  Also, it gives a sense of closure. But there is SO much more you can get out of a clearing if...

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How to Add More Whole-Body Power to Your Tai Chi Opening Posture – Yang Tai Chi Example

Your tai chi is like garden soil - the more balanced nutrients it contains, the more nourishing will be your harvest. So learn ways to "power up" your tai chi so that you can get all the good health, wisdom, qi and self-defense (both physical and "psychic") training...

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When You Have No Time to Practice Tai Chi, Here’s What to Do Instead

I constantly remind my students that real tai chi chuan practice is not about being fixated on memorizing the postures of the form.  Sadly, a lot of people will never understand this fact of traditional tai chi. But the ones that do, soar like eagles. Their...

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Oriental Culture Has Has the Concept of Qi, Chi Or Ki Energy for Thousands of Years- But What Is Qi?

Qi is a concept unique to the East Perhaps the first time the masses of the western world got a thorough exposure to this concept was in the movie “Star Wars,” in which it was referred to as “The Force.” It’s an elusive, though not too difficult concept. If you are...

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What is the Silk Reeling Energy of Tai Chi (Taijiquan), or Chan Si Jing?

The traditional schools of tai chi chuan (taijiquan), along with the other Chinese internal arts, emphasize the development of "silk reeling energy," or "chansijing," in Chinese. The oldest documented and codified style of tai chi chuan known to man is Chen style....

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